4 notes when choosing to buy a kitchen wine cabinet

Choosing the right kitchen wine cabinet, living room wine cabinet in general is not an easy task. You need to consider and consider many factors along with the brand and price of the wine cabinet. And some suggestions below may be useful to you to get the best wine cabinet

1. Buy a wine cabinet for what?

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Before thinking about the size, aesthetics, and maximum number of bottles a wine cabinet can hold, think about how the wine cabinet will be used. In other words, what do you want to use the wine cabinet for?

The problem is that while a wine cabinet is certainly used to keep bottles of wine in optimal condition, it can also be used to age wine. There are wine cabinets that, thanks to high-end technology and materials, can faithfully reproduce the conditions of an underground wine cellar. These devices are called aged wine coolers. However, if you just want to keep your bottles safe, you can purchase a wine cooler.

But never equate a wine cooler with a refrigerator or beverage cooler just because they think they have the same ability to cool drinks and food. In fact, each type of cabinet will have its own temperature range to match the main function. In addition, the wine cooler requires more stringent factors in terms of humidity, light conditions, and vibration resistance to ensure that the wine has the best flavor and color.

2. How many bottles of wine need to be stored?

Many people who love alcohol are not necessarily heavy drinkers. They can also be wine collectors and storing an extra bottle of precious wine is both a luxury and a special pleasure.

Also, keep in mind that not all wine bottles are the same size. And so always buy a wine cooler that’s larger than you actually want to store your wine in.

Currently, there are many types of wine cabinets on the market with different sizes. There are small models with only 20-3 bottles, such as the Alaska JC-62 wine cooler, but there are also large cabinets that can hold a collection of up to hundreds of bottles. There are even large cabinets that make you really feel like you own a real wine cellar!

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3. Kitchen wine cabinet style?

Today, in modern interior design and decoration, the kitchen is no longer just a cooking space. Especially with interior designs that integrate the dining room and kitchen, the aesthetics are even more enhanced.

That’s why displaying a kitchen wine cabinet is not only convenient for culinary needs but also for interior decoration. Therefore, consider choosing a wine cabinet model that matches the color and style to enhance the class of your home space.

4. Location of kitchen wine cabinet?

Not only based on the number of bottles of wine to be stored, but also the location of the wine cabinet in the kitchen needs to take into account the size and style of the cabinet.

You can choose a built-in wine cabinet, a regular wine cabinet, a tall cabinet or a low cabinet in space-saving locations. Consider how large or small the door is so that the cabinet placement and door opening do not affect the surrounding.</span >

Avoid placing the kitchen wine cabinet in a location with direct light. Even with wine cabinets with dark doors and UV protection that are especially popular today like the Alaska JC-100 wine cooler, you should still place them in a location away from the sun.

Here are some notes when choosing to buy a suitable wine cabinet. Wish you always have sublime moments with relatives and friends while enjoying the finest wines preserved from the best wine cabinet!

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