Alaska Visits And Gives New Year’s Gifts To Children At Lien Truc Tu Temple

In the long-standing traditional culture of the nation, Tet is the biggest festival of the year. Therefore, the time before Tet is when everyone is very busy. Families take care of shopping for food, fruit cakes, cleaning ancestral altars or decorating houses, while businesses large and small have to race against time to complete the work so that their employees can can eat Tet with peace of mind. In the midst of the hustle and bustle to welcome that spring, Alaska  temporarily put aside the busy work and visit the temple Lien Truc Tu in Long Thanh, Dong Nai. Here, we personally gave gifts to the children at the Temple with the hope that each gift given would be a warm sharing to help them have a happy and full Tet like everyone else. 

Present at Lien Truc Tu Pagoda on a Sunday morning, we were completely conquered by the tranquil and quiet scene of this place. It seems that the peace here is not only reflected in the scenery but also reflected in the transparent eyes of children. When faced with their small, slightly apprehensive faces of strangers, Alaska believes the decision to be shelved my work to come here is extremely right


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